We Chose The"Best-Rated Monitor" on Amazon But We Weren't Happy

We Chose The "Best-Rated Monitor" on Amazon But We Weren't Happy

Cubo Ai Baby Monitor in a Nursery

This testimonial was written by a Cubo parent named BenedictN.

We chose Cubo after a lot of research and compared it to similar ones that work over wifi and also others that have their own monitor with a direct connection. The thought of having a monitor directly linked to the camera was something we appreciated due to do security reasons and connectivity in case the connection to our wifi was not stable. However, we also wanted to be able to look into our little one if we weren’t home.

What We Chose First

We actually got the highest-rated and most popular baby monitor on Amazon that linked directly to its own monitor but ended up returning it because the battery would not even make it more than 2 hours and the monitor kept losing its connection to the nursery less than 30 feet away.  

Switching to Cubo

Unboxing the Cubo was pretty nice. Things we’re well laid out and organized. There was a bit of confusion during setup. The program did not have you select the available wifi in the vicinity like a vast majority of other apps, you had to type in your wifi name and password. (Cubo Note: Starting with app versions 1.19.2 (Android) and 1.2.0 (iOS) users no longer have to manually type in their Wi-Fi Password- see all updates here). Parts of the stand are also housed inside the base of the stand so be sure to be on the look-out for that. The different mounting options should cover most, if not all, nursery setups. Ours tends to swivel really easily though and that causes the camera to not be centered and my slight OCD kicks in. It would be nice if the pole was squared off so it sits flush against the crib and not pivot.

 "We really like that there is no red light to distract her in the dark like all of the other cameras out there."

The Cubo Features We Use Most 

Cubo comes with so many features it’s tough to list them all. We don’t use some of the options as our little one likes to sleep on her side or on her face so we turn off those alerts. It’s nice to know that we’ll receive notifications if she’s crying or if the temperature or humidity is outside of the ranges we set so that we can turn on the AC or open some window for her. We really like that there is no red light to distract her in the dark like all of the other cameras out there. I don’t know if the red light is even necessary for night vision but I assumed it was since it was on all of the other cameras out there. I was pleasantly surprised to see that missing from this camera. The camera also records and allows playback for the better part of a day. We like to keep track of when our little one sleeps and the playback has a feature that highlights the timeline of when she is in the crib. This allows us to easily go and check how long she was asleep for without having to check between me, my wife, or any caretakers.  

The customer service has been amazing. If there is a problem you can easily initiate a ticket within the app and they respond very quickly. I hope this level of service never changes. It’s good to know that the camera and app won’t become obsolete as it can be updated and we look forward to the possibility of new features. That can’t be done with baby monitors that only directly connect to its own monitor.

Cubo snaps! So nice to randomly get photos/videos of our little one! The AI snaps pics/vids and sends them to you. They may not always be happy ones but still adorable. 

We really like our Cubo and have already recommended it to our friends that just had or will be having kids soon!

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