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"As a first-time mum I was constantly questioning things but after I switched baby monitor, having safety alerts made all the difference! I love the alerts that it provided when Freddie first started rolling over. It gave me so much confidence that he would be okay and was a third pair of eyes helping make sure he was safe."⁠


"My daughter started transitioning to her own room at 7 months old and Cubo Ai saved me getting up every night to check on her. The Night Vision camera is clear enough to see her every movement and the audio is sensitive enough that I can even hear her every breath."⁠


"I love knowing my little one is safe at home and being able to see her and even talk to her from WHEREVER I am. Being a shift worker myself, it’s hard enough being away from the family during the nights and Cubo Ai gives me a chance to feel connected to baby."⁠


"Cubo Ai makes it easy for me to feel safe leaving my daughter in the crib - even if she is awake and I need to do something. With Cry Detection and alerts, I feel like I can multi-task better. The Moment’s Wall is by far my favorite - mostly because again I can watch her grow without having to be in the room to take the pictures myself."⁠


"We sleep better and more peacefully after buying the Cubo since we don't need to wake up and check her as frequent as before – to see if she managed to unswaddle herself and cause the swaddle to cover her face. We actually learned that she could roll in her sleep via the Cubo warning!"


"I love the 1080p HD Night Vision, I have seen friend’s nanny cam and they were very “meh” with low light or no light. The camera sometimes automatically takes amazing shots! So I can keep the memories and share with family and friends."


"Having the Cubo Ai during Covid-19 has been a great way to allow our family to check in and watch over our son as he grows. Grandma and grandpa watch during bedtime and are watching when he wakes up in the morning; it has made them very happy to be able to see him."


"My favorite feature when she was smaller was the Rollover and the Covered Face Alerts. Now that she is older and moving around more freely, I love the Danger Zone Warning. I also love customer service! They are so helpful and get back to you very quickly!"


"One night that I was awake with my daughter, and I heard something in her room. My husband told me he believed I dreamt it, but thanks to Cubo Ai I was able to check and see that a bat was in fact in her room and had landed in her crib."

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