Press & Awards

It's not just parents who can't stop talking about CuboAi!

CES Innovation Awards

2022 Honoree in Health & Wellness

CuboAi Sleep Sensor Pad is the first health and wellness device to combine AI computer vision with breathing motion technology to detect a baby's physical movement for sleep safety.

Mom's Choice Awards

2021 Gold Honoree

CuboAi is a winner in the category of Safety Gear & Accessories


Meet the first baby monitor to apply AI to baby's safety.

Almost every parent you talk to will admit getting up and checking their baby multiple times a
night. The CuboAi Sleep Safety Bundle is one of the easier ways to do that. The 1080 HD
camera with artificial intelligence detection and night vision alone is impressive, but add the
breathing motion-detecting pad and other features like Cough Detection and True Cry Alerts and
you’ve got a monitoring system parents praise for helping them keep an extra eye on their

What to Expect

This smart monitor gives peace of mind while your baby sleeps

The monitor works in tandem with the Sleep Sensor Pad that you put under the baby’s mattress. The sensor pad is non-contact and only needs to installed once. While the camera allows you to see and hear your baby, this extra layer of safety picks up all breathing motions while baby sleeps. And you’re notified if no breathing motions are detected. This is a mind-blowing level of comfort! It brings me so much peace of mind.

Baby Center

This smart monitor gives peace of mind while your baby sleeps

The built-in speaker allows you to use your voice to comfort your baby from a different room or activate the sound machine option. So, whether it’s white noise, the sound of birds chirping, or a gentle lullaby, your baby will be off to dreamland in no time. And so will you, my friend!

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