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6 thoughtful additions, designed for babies

We asked over 10,000 parents what they wanted from a baby monitor and we put it all in here. Check out how each of our thoughtful additions will meet your parenting need!

1. Baby's every moment, available for playback!

Curious how your little one slept last night? Or just want to get a playback of their day when you were at work? Cubo Ai comes equipped with 18-hr playback that comes with highlights so you can skip straight to when your little one cried, woke up, or made adorable moves!

2. Doctor-recommended temperature & humidity range

Always know if your baby is comfy and happy
Cubo Ai comes with a temperature and humidity sensor that can tell if your baby's room is out of doctor's recommended range of comfort! We'll send an app alert if their room is too hot, cold, or humid so you can see what's wrong.

3. Have them hear your voice, no matter where you are!

Even if you're traveling for work or just downstairs in the kitchen, you can always stay connected to your little one with our 2-way audio feature. Talk or sing to your baby no matter how far you are with Cubo Ai!

4. No lights on the camera means your baby sleeps undisturbed

Cubo Ai was designed without a blinking red light to ensure that our babies sleep peacefully. Every light on our camera can be turned off so our little ones can sleep through the night (if they can) in complete darkness.

5. No more fumbling in the dark with the built-in Nightlight

Every Cubo Ai comes with a small night light that faces backwards and can be turned on/off with the app. Just flick it on before entering their room, and tap to turn off right after - never worry about stepping on a toy or fumbling with your phone light ever again!

6. A monitor that goes with your life, not the other way around

Whether you're upstairs, downstairs, inside or outside the house Cubo Ai's multiple stands can fit your every situation. Each Cubo Ai comes with a Crib, Floor, and Mobile stand for every setup at home or even on the road - Cubo Ai goes wherever your life goes!