Out of All the Baby Monitors, The Only One For Us

Out of All the Baby Monitors, Only One For Us  

Cubo Ai only baby monitor for us

Testimonial by Scott Wooten, a Cubo parent.

There are so many baby monitors out there today which range in style, function, and purpose.  After my partner showed me Cubo I looked into the specs and design and compared it to other monitors on the market.  It didn’t take me long at all to realise that the creators of Cubo had thought about every detail including the much-hyped about design the baby will love.

The Ordering Process: Unboxing, Setting Up, and Function

The team from Cubo delivered as promised and on very good time.  The package arrived on time and there were no complications during the whole process.

If the Cubo design itself was anything to go by, it was no surprise that a lot of thought went into the packaging.  Each component had its place in the box and was secure and protected. It would be very hard to damage this in transit so a very big pat on the shoulder to who designed the packaging.  Everything was there and included all I needed to get the most out of Cubo.

For me, this was the fun part and there was no stress involved and the instructions were very clear. One thing that I thought was brilliant is the high-quality water bag which you use as a weight for the floor-mounted holder.  The water weight bag felt like it was made with very high-quality products…Amazing!

Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor in the crib

Once I spent around 10 minutes putting the pieces together, I was ready to turn Cubo on for the first time. The Cubo app is flawless for the setup.  Download the app and sign up (sign up is simply so you can create a secure account to invite admins or family to use Cubo). All you have to do is enter in your Wifi name (SSID) and password then scan the QRCode on your phone by holding it up to the Cubo camera.  

Not having the infrared red lights (thanks to new tech from Sony I believe), being able to switch off the status light, being able to switch on a night light, where to start?.  

The feature we like most is the night light.  Being able to switch this on remotely from our phones makes sure we get to baby without tripping over.  It also let’s baby know that we are on our way. While the other AI features work extremely well, we find that all of them combined creates a perfect balance for what a perfect baby monitor should be. 


The team at Cubo is there to help.  From my experience, they are dedicated to not only providing product support but also integrating Cubo with newborn tips and tricks.  I love this as it gives a personal approach to customers which ultimately creates trust in the Cubo team. 

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