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Cubo Ai Mentions

After years of creation, crowdfunding and launching in several countries, not to mention thousands of birds caring for babies all over the world, our team would like to extend a major thanks to all of the news outlets and blogs that have taken the time to give Cubo Ai press mentions! 

Whether big or small, each mention helps to spread the word and pave the road ahead, informing new parents around the world about the tool we've created to help families sleep safely from day 1.  If you're curious to find more information about Cubo and hear from parents who have tried and tested me as a Smart Baby Monitor, take a look at our blog.  

2020 Highlights

2020's Most Innovative Baby Products Include Plant-Based Sippy Cups & More

Leading experts from Romper, Parents Magazine, Good Housekeeping, What to Expect, Safe Kids Worldwide, and other parenting publications voted on baby and children's products to determine the winners of JPMA's 2020 Innovation Awards. More than 5,000 parents from across the United States also cast their votes to determine JPMA's Parent's Pick Award recipient. [read more]

"Even more next level is the Cubo, which alerts you if your baby's face is covered. Plus, parents can get a rollover alert if your baby gets stuck while, yes, rolling over. It has HD 1080p video, cry detection technology, and video capture. And one bonus is that unlike other monitors, this camera has no distracting light when it's on."

By Fatherly

"While any video baby monitor will allow you to hear the baby, the camera inside the Cubo actually knows what it's seeing. Using face detection, it can detect if the baby's face is covered or if the baby rolled over, sending an alert to the smartphone that, in keeping with the design of the camera itself, also sounds like a bird."

By Business Insider

Babygear best baby monitors

Babygear Essentials

As seen on Baby Gear Essentials:

"The Cubo AI baby monitor was born out of a crowdfunding campaign online and you can immediately tell when unboxing the camera that it is indeed a crowd pleaser. 

This is, without a doubt, the cutest baby monitor that we’ve ever reviewed. ." [Read more]

Red tricycle best baby monitors

Red Tricycle

As seen on Red Tricycle

"There's a lot of sophisticated technology packed inside this cute, bird-shaped monitor. The Cubo uses face detection technology to alert you if your baby's mouth and nose may be covered, either from rolling over on their tummy or having an item covering their face. Set the danger zone alert to let you know if your baby is scaling their crib, or position it around the house to know when your child is too close to the stairs or other potentially unsafe areas. A text alert pops up on your phone when Cubo detects your child's cry. And the AI is even smart enough to notice smiles and larger movements and automatically take photos of them for your viewing pleasure." [Read more]


"We got our hands on this in early 2020 and were very impressed with its features, versatility, connectivity, style, and video quality. The Cubo Smart Baby Monitor has 1080p HD streaming video, cry detection and photo capture, danger zone alerts, two-way audio intercom, nursery temperature and humidity monitor and alerts, face covered and rollover alert, and compatibility with multiple cameras. Out of the box, everything feels and looks very high quality. It includes everything you need: a standing floor stand, a crib rail mount, and a mobile stand for placing on a nearby table. That's three different mounting possibilities without purchasing anything additional (unlike the Miku or Nanit)" [Read more]

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2019 Highlights

Cubo Ai Mentions - CES Honoree 2020

There are plenty of smart baby monitors on the market, and some are better than others. Cubo AI is hoping to join the pack with a baby monitor that can alert you if your little one's face is covered. The AI-powered face detection technology could come in useful if your baby rolls onto his or her stomach or is covered by a blanket.

[Read more here]

Design Milk

Like most baby monitors, the Cubo comes with temperature and humidity detection, two-way audio, and a built-in night light. One standout feature it has over other monitors though is the proactive AI alerts that help parents proactively keep their baby safe. When a baby has its face covered, has rolled over, is crying, or has ventured into a danger zone (for toddlers), Cubo sends a notification alerting parents to the potential danger. Coupled with its 1080p HD night vision and a 135° wide angle lens, this feature is extremely reassuring, especially for new parents.[Read more here]

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Red tricycle best baby monitors
Red tricycle best baby monitors

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Core 77
June 27, 2019
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June 29, 2019
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July 11, 2019

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June 26, 2019

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