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Cubo Ai Sleep Safety Bundle

Sleep Sensor Pad + Cubo Ai Plus Camera (3-Stand Set)
In-App Rating

In-App Rating (2,985)

1 year of Cubo Ai Premium included. FREE!

1 year of Cubo Ai Premium included. FREE!

Includes a Sleep Sensor Pad and a Cubo Ai Plus camera that comes with 1 shared stand, a floor base, a crib attachment, and a mobile stand.

The Sleep Sensor Pad detects baby’s breathing motion. Combined with AI, the Sleep Safety Bundle's alerts increase in precision and accuracy.

The first baby monitor to apply AI to baby's sleep, safety, and memories. Our AI safety detection looks out for baby's face being covered, stuck rolling over, crying, and generates sleep analytics report, auto-captures unique movements, and more.

  • 2022 Babylist - Meet the First Baby Monitor to Apply AI to Baby's Safety
  • 2022 What to Expect - Smart Monitor Gives Peace of Mind While Your Baby Sleeps
  • 2022 TLC - The Ultimate Monitoring System for Babies & Toddlers

45-Day Money Back

Free Shipping

1 Year Warranty

Cubo Ai

1. Free Standard Shipping (7-10 business days) offered within US. *Please note due to COVID-19, you may experience some shipping delays up to 14-21 business days.

2. Stable Wi-Fi connection is required. We recommend Wi-Fi download/upload speed to be at least 5Mbps.

3. Smart phone is required. Cubo Ai app is available for the iOS and Android system. Mobile device must be iOS software version 12.1 and above/Android 5.0 or newer.

4. Must pair with a Cubo Ai Plus

5. Cubo Ai Sleep Sensor Pad should be placed in the middle of the crib under the mattress.

6. The thickness of the mattress should be between 2.36" - 5.12" / 6- 13cm for optimal accuracy and safety. For the best functionality, these mattress types work better than others: Spring Based, Coir Based, Spring/Coir Combination. For other types, please contact customer service (support@getcubo.com) for more information.

7. CuboAi Sleep Sensor Pad is a product designed to help you understand your baby’s breathing motion patterns through continuous data collection and analysis. CuboAi Sleep Sensor Pad is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or any other conditions, including but not limited to the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). False readings about your baby’s breathing motion patterns are potential risks of CuboAi Sleep Sensor Pad. CuboAi Sleep Sensor Pad should not be a replacement for the care of an adult or medical device of any kind.

See what happens when you add AI to breathing motion technology

Upgrade Your Peace of Mind

Detect baby's breathing motion

The Pad uses 4 motion sensors to detect baby's every movement on the crib mattress, picking up even the slightest breathing motion during sleep.

Parenting Made smarter

Camera AI works in tandem with motion sensors

If the camera AI confirms the baby is in the crib, but the Sleep Sensor Pad detects no breathing motion, it will alert parents right away.

Comfort and Safety, You Can Have It All

Non-contact, one-time installation

To assemble, lift the mattress and place the Sleep Sensor Pad on the bed slats. Designed to stay out of sight to ensure baby's most natural sleeping environment.

Supports Your Baby Growing up

0 - 12 months

0 - 12 months
Ensure baby’s safe sleep in crib
Covered-Face Alert
True Cry Detection
Breathing Motion Detection

0 - 24 months

0 - 24 months
Tracking baby's sleep
Cough Detection
Sleep Analytics
Built-In Lullabies

~3 years old

~3 years old
Check in on active baby
Auto-capture Photo
18hr Playback
Danger Zone Detection

~5+ years old

~5+ years old
Keep the whole family close
Two-way Audio
Multiple Cameras
Family Sharing
CuboAi Care
Covered-Face & Rollover Detection
True Cry Detection
Auto Photo Capture
Danger Zone Detection
Sleep Sensor Pad AI Mode*
Cough Detection
Sleep Analytics**

30 Days Report


Daytime Sleep Report
Daily Sleep Summary
Moments Wall (Days)

30 Days

90 Days

18-Hr Playback

View & Download

View & Download

Alert Video

View & Download

View & Download

Built-In Lullabies
Playlists by a Music Therapist

9 songs

28 songs

AI Lullaby Schedule

1 schedule

10 schedules

$4.99/month or $49.99/year after end of free year trial

$7.99/month or $79.99/year after end of 7-day free trial

*When Sleep Sensor Pad AI Mode is on and Sleep Sensor Pad does not detect any movements, CuboAi Smart Baby Monitor's AI detection feature can determine whether the baby is in the crib, sending appropriate notifications only when necessary.

**Unlimited Sleep Tracking & Analytics storage for the duration of your CuboAi Care Ultimate subscription.

All CuboAi Plus come with one year of CuboAi Care Premium included, which begins when the hardware and software of the product is paired. Do not pair your product until you are ready for the subscription period to begin. At the end of the first year after the product is paired , you may manually renew your subscription at the then-current price. Current prices can be found above. If a customer does not want to use the CuboAi Care Premium included in its purchase, the customer can contact customer support to cancel the subscription. However, by canceling the included subscription, the customer is voiding the subscription and will need to pay the then-current price if customer chooses to re-activate in the future. Please note that the “Free Trial” eligibility may vary based on Appstore/Google Play’s Policy.
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How Cubo Ai Compares
    Wearable Breathing Detection Products Traditional Breathing Detection Products  
  Breathing Motion Detection  
  High Accuracy AI Mode  
  Non-contact Few  
  One-time Installation  
Cubo Ai Product Spec

Cubo Ai Product Spec

Cubo Ai Plus Spec

Product Dimensions
3.42 x 4.27 x 4.39 in

.220g / 9.9oz

135° Wide Angle Lens, 4x Magnification, Resolution: 1080p HD, Format: H.264, Night Vision: No visible red light (940nm infrared LED)

High-Fidelity microphone, build-in speaker

Frequency: 802.11b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz/5GHz (WPA, WPA2 encryption supported), Wi-Fi Maximum Speed: AC433, Range: 300 feet line of sight

High-Fidelity microphone, build-in speaker

Night light
Warm-colored smart light

Air Sensors
Digital temperature and humidity sensor


100-240VAC/50-60Hz, Output: 5V/2A

Certification and Safety

CTIA cybersecurity certified, Enterprise level security (AES-256 bit) symmetric-key encryption/ Encrypted data protection (TLS/SSL)

Sleep Sensor Pad Spec

Product Dimensions




Cubo Ai Plus Requirements
.Internet connection via Wi-Fi (download/upload speed is at least 5Mbps)

.To set-up your Cubo Ai Plus, you'll need a compatible iPhone (iOS - software version 12.1 and above) or Android device (Android 5 and above)

Sleep Sensor Pad Requirements


Mattress Thickness
2.36" -5.12"/ 6-13cm

*Must be paired with a Cubo Ai Plus

Package content

.Cubo Ai 3-Stand Set 
Cubo Ai Baby Monitor, Crib Attachment, Floor Base Water Bag, Mobile Stand, Temperature & Humidity (T&H) Dongle, Wall Plug, U-shaped Camera Holder, L-Shaped Stand Element, Stand Element(x3), Stand Connector(x2), 3 M Cable, 2 M Cable, Crib Stabilizer(x1),Crib Stand Safety Cap)

.Cubo Ai Sleep Sensor Pad


Comes with 1 year warranty

What Cubo Parents Say

I was worried my first born might have breathing problems since he was born prematurely. With the Sleep Sensor Pad, I could see his micro motion on the app, so even when the camera showed he wasn't moving, I knew that he was sleeping soundly.
With the Sleep Sensor Pad, I can easily check to see if my baby is sleeping soundly. I’m finally able to sleep with peace of mind, knowing that Cubo Ai is helping me keep an eye on my baby.
Sleep Sensor Pad is especially useful when my baby rolls over. It lets me check whether my baby has regular micro motion, so I can make sure that they’re safe whenever they roll over.
The Sleep Sensor Pad is small and doesn’t take up much space, so it feels natural for my baby when he sleeps. It detects his micro motion even when he’s sound asleep, and I can check how he’s doing from my living room. It really meets the needs of new parents.
Installing the Sleep Sensor Pad is very easy and less of a hassle compared to wearable products. With the Smart Baby Monitor and Sleep Sensor Pad, I can see baby's micro motion data in real time and don't have to go to his room around the clock to check if he's okay.

How Cubo Ai Fits in Your Room

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