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With Cubo AI, Anywhere is Only One Click Away from your Baby

I purchased a Cubo AI smart baby monitor through the pilot program for my son Finn and, so far as I'm concerned, it's pretty amazing! The alerts are great and the automatically taken photos/videos are cool, but what I think really makes Cubo special is its app. Being based from a mobile app gives parents a lot of freedom just not available with a dedicated monitor. 

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Cubo AI: The Smart Monitor that Grows Up with Your Baby

To me, though, the most important part of all this is that Cubo AI will grow up with (baby). What was once just a smart baby monitor becomes a toddler monitor once she starts walking, helping me to make sure she doesn’t go anywhere that could be dangerous. Later on, it becomes a nanny monitor, helping me to keep an eye on how the babysitter treats her. Eventually, it becomes an inconspicuous security camera.

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