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Caring For Baby is Timeless...


Some Things Never Change... 

Why Smart Parenting Isn't New 

This month, with everything going on in the world, parents at Cubo got to thinking about how moms and dads have protected and cared for children over centuries.  Instead of focusing on how parents are different now, or how our screens and gadgets have changed the way we raise children, we wanted to think about what part of parenting remains the same.  Turns out, some things really never change!

Every generation in the history of humanity has this one thing in common. 

They want to give  their child everything. 

Whether that means opportunities, safety, nutrition, you name it. Parenting is about not just meeting every need your child has, but also anticipating those needs.  

Some Things Never Change:

Parents have always wanted to give everything to their child. 

The only thing that's changed is the tools they use to do it.

Smart Parenting Then, Smart Parenting Now

Smart parenting-  at first glance- seems like something to be exhibited at a techy expo. Like it's a top-of-the-line super expensive product that some start-up just launched in Silicon Valley. 

But it's not. 

Every parent in the history of parenting has tried to parent in the smartest way available to them. There's nothing new and shiny about smart parenting. No parent in 2020 is smarter than those of, say, 1950. 

So, what has changed?

Just the tools we use to get the job done! Protecting and providing for our kids is still the priority. What parents benefit from today is the technology of our time. 

Smart Parenting Then

Baby Safety in the last century sure has had a big leap in new methods, materials, and technology! 

Still, parents in the early and mid 20th century, like us, also understood baby safe measures were an absolutely necessary adaptation for their everyday lives. 

Today, a 1950s car seat may not thrive in the market, but back in the '50s it was how families protected their children while in the car. 

Despite the fact that we have such different ways to do it, parents' instincts in the '50s and those of today are very much the same.

Loving Baby Then = Loving Baby Now

Perhaps loving and providing for your baby in 2020 involves a lot more screens, more technology, and a little extra padding on that car seat. 

Perhaps it involves two working parents and a Smart Baby Monitor with Face-covered detection and proactive alerts. 

Regardless of how you smart parent your baby, we can all agree that the love for our children is as strong as ever, and our instinct to give them the very best remains. 

After all... 

Some Things Never Change

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