Cubo Ai Brand Story

Hi, I am Joanna, mom & Cubo Ai Co-founder

6 IVF attempts, I finally met this little miracle. So when I found my baby's face accidentally covered, I couldn't sleep for months. When even 6 cameras couldn't ease my worries, we partnered with Dr. Kenneth Yeh to design a proactive smart baby monitor for worried parents like me! With a mission to protect every baby in the world, we co-created Cubo Ai's proprietary technology to proactively warn parents of dangerous situations such as Covered Face events so parents can step in when needed. We designed every Cubo Ai feature to enhance baby safety and keep lasting memories. I'm so excited to bring peace of mind and joy to your parenting journey!

Hi, I'm Dr. Kenneth Yeh, pediatrician 
& Cubo Ai’s medical consultant

For me, everything started when I began noticing how many parents asked me about making sure babies sleep safely at night. There's a lot to be said about sleep safety, but the best advice I could give was that babies should be laid to sleep on their backs. Given newborns can spend an entire day sleeping, it's incredibly important that they sleep in the correct posture and that parents employ safe sleeping practices. 

I was really excited when Cubo Ai team reached out to me! We made a good team because we had a common goal of keeping babies safe. I provided professional medical guidance and Cubo Ai worked on the technology (more about Dr. Yeh's partnership with Cubo Ai).

A baby monitor that is created by parents
and designed for babies

Cubo AI parents approved

We spent more than a year carrying out over 8000 questionnaires and 158 in-depth interviews to understand what parents wanted. After extensive testing and iterations of various prototypes, we finally arrived at Cubo Ai: the world’s smartest AI Baby Monitor. 

Cubo Ai's development hasn't just been one team's effort, it is a culmination of the experience and expectations of parents globally. 

Our common goal:
helping babies everywhere grow up safely 

It all began in 2017 when a team of parents and experts in AI, hardware and software with over 15 years collective experience came together with the common goal of helping to protect babies everywhere grow up safely.

After successfully pilot testing with over 6000 parents over a period of two years, Cubo Ai launched globally on Indiegogo in June 2019 and became the most funded baby monitor in crowdfunding history.

Cubo Ai is on a journey to bring peace of mind and joy to parents everywhere, and we look forward to the opportunity of becoming a part of your parenting journey.