Hi Cubo Parents,

In case of disruptions to your Cubo service, we want to keep you informed of our progress every step of the way!

Please check below for the current status of Cubo Systems:

Partial Service Disruption

Issue with viewing the Cubo App live stream 
[Affected functions: Live Video Feed, Live Audio Feed, 18-Hour Playback]

02:21 AM EST
Firmware (1.0.1750) and App (iOS 1.3.5 | Android 1.21.0) updates released to fix live feed viewing issues. If you continue to experience issues after updating, please check both firmware and app versions are the latest, and reboot your device. For additional issues, please contact us via your Cubo App (Settings > Chat with Us) or FB Messenger.
10:49 PM EST
Cubo Engineers have submitted the new app version to App Store for review.

11:59 PM EST

Release schedule update. Cubo Engineers are currently testing new app and firmware versions. Plan to submit for review Thursday (2020.06.04). New solution ready to release on Friday (2020.06.05).
10:29 AM EST
Our engineers have adjusted server capacity and are closely monitoring the changes. Cubo Engineers are still continuing to work on the new updates.
8:00 PM EDT

We are investigating the cause of the live stream disruption. Issue initially appears to be related to server capacity and Cubo's current connection algorithm. Cubo Engineers are working on both new app and firmware configurations.

Estimated timeline: New App Version, developed, tested and submitted to App Store by 2020.6.3. Note: App Store approval can take 1-2 days.

12:00 AM EDT

Live stream restored. Cubo Engineers continuing to investigate the cause of this issue.

10:00 PM EDT

We are investigating issues with viewing the live stream from the Cubo App.