Cubo Ai Press Mentions

Cubo Ai Press Mentions

It's not just parents that can't stop talking about Cubo Ai! See what reviewers say about us here:



Best Baby Monitors to Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Little One (2022)

Most Secure Baby Monitor – Cubo Ai Plus

" The Cubo AI is an absolute stand-out when it comes to security. It’s cybersecurity-certified by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), giving you peace of mind that your data is just as safe and secure as your sleeping baby. Strong features like real-time alerts, razor-sharp HD images and built-in sleep-analytics tracking make this one of our favorite top-rated baby monitors on the market."

The Best Baby MonitorsTo Give You Peace Of Mind Through The Night (2022)

Best Baby Monitor for Three Rooms – Cubo Ai Plus

"The smart baby monitor category has become increasingly crowded with solid options, and the Cubo Ai is at the top of the list. Like others, it has extensive sleep analytics, but a unique feature is the covered face and rollover alert, which means you'll be notified immediately if your baby’s face is covered or they’re lying face down. Parents rave about Cubo’s daily reports, high definition picture clarity for both day and night, night light, two-way audio and temperature and humidity detection. (And we’re partial to the cute bird shape.) Even better, if you’ve got multiple children or just want to monitor several rooms: You can pair up to five cameras to one account, switch between feeds and receive alerts from multiple cameras on the same mobile device."

The Best Baby Monitors to Buy (2021)

Posterity & Peace of Mind – Cubo Ai Plus

"As its name suggests, the Cubo Ai monitors your baby with more than just a video feed: It uses artificial intelligence to alert you when your baby rolls over or has their face covered. The camera is bird-shaped, with various cheeps and chirps when the device boots up or pairs with your Wi-Fi, and the whole aesthetic gives the product a bespoke feel. This monitor would blend right into a well-designed nursery, nixing the whole surveillance vibe that most cameras bring. Where the Cubo Ai really stands out is in its photo and video capture. The app will automatically save photos to your "Moments Wall" every once in a while, and you can manually save your own photos or videos, too. And with 18-hour video playback, you can scroll back in time to see what happened at any point in the night." 
Cubo Ai

The Best Baby Products for New Parents of 2021

Best overall – Cubo Ai Plus

"While above-crib monitors aren’t necessarily revolutionary, the Cubo’s video quality is: The 1080p HD camera provides flawless, jaw-dropping clarity—including exceptional night vision quality—that was superior to any other camera we tried, bar none."

Cubo Ai Business Insider

The Cubo AI baby monitor is a godsend for parents 

"While any video baby monitor will allow you to hear the baby, the camera inside the Cubo actually knows what it's seeing. Using face detection, it can detect if the baby's face is covered or if the baby rolled over, sending an alert to the smartphone that, in keeping with the design of the camera itself, also sounds like a bird."  


The best baby monitors in 2020

"The Cubo Ai Plus […] is designed to give you support from the newborn stage up until your child is five years old and beyond should you wish."
"What makes this baby monitor stand out from the crowd however is its ‘danger zone’ detection, which comes in useful when you have a curious toddler. This means you can set up a zone in your house – be it the kitchen or stairs – and you will get alerted on your smartphone when your child enters that area.”
Cubo Ai Motherly

Best Smart baby Monitor for Baby's Comfort

Says Motherly’s co-founder Liz Tenety: “We also appreciate the temperature readings that help me know if my little one is too hot or just right in his crib—a balance that can be hard to get right, especially as seasons change. The easy app integration makes it simple for you to check baby with your phone without worrying that you’ll be out of range.

Room Ideas that are Cute Enough to Copy

"This Cubo AI Plus camera keeps your baby safe and looks right at home with this bohemian nursery. From the simple, yet whimsical design, to the wood grain detailing, it's the most important addition you'll make."

Good Housekeeping Cubo Ai UK Press Mentions

The Best Baby Shower Gifts to Buy Now

“There's two way audio, built in lullabies, HD camera, not to mention sleep tracker, humidity and temperature alerts. All synced up and controlled with an app on your phone. Just look at the video. It's extravagant but a game changer. And it looks pretty cute too…”

Cubo Ai Fatherly

The Best Baby Monitors Track Every Cry, Snore, And Heartbeat

“Even more next level is the Cubo, which alerts you if your baby’s face is covered. Plus, parents can get a rollover alert if your baby gets stuck while, yes, rolling over. It has HD 1080p video, cry detection technology, and video capture. And one bonus is that unlike other monitors, this camera has no distracting light when it’s on.”

Cubo Ai Gearbrain

A smart baby monitor with artificial intelligence to keep you infant safe and sound 24/7.

“In terms of camera performance, we found Cubo AI smart baby monitor outperformed Nanit’s camera in terms of picture quality. Cubo AI’s picture was clearer and more vibrant.”

Cubo Ai Gadget Flow

Cubo AI Sleep Safety Baby Monitor alerts you if your child’s face is covered

"You know that “Back Is Best,” but it can be hard to ensure your baby stays on their back. And they may not be able to roll over both ways yet. With this smart monitor, you’ll know if your baby rolls over. Cubo helps you feel more confident that your baby is sleeping healthily and comfortably."

Cubo Ai Press Mentions - The Independent UK

The Best Baby Monitors for 2021

Best overall – Cubo Ai Plus

“There’s a night light on the top and a built-in speaker at the back for soothing lullabies and two-way audio. And speaking of audio, the sound is crystal-clear. As is the HD image quality, both in the day and night.”

“The temperature and humidity sensor dongle clips into the power port, which our tester found to be pretty accurate. All in all, this is a solid choice for parents who want crisp video and sound, and to monitor their baby’s sleeping habits.”

Cubo Ai Press Mentions - The Telegraph UK
“This multi-award winning smart monitor can not only work as a high-tech crib cam with a whole host of incredible smart functions (covered face and roll-over alerts for example), but its multiple stand options mean it can be easily set up in any other room and will notify you if your crawling baby or toddler is entering somewhere they shouldn’t be (you can pre-set ‘danger zones’).”



This little baby monitor is taking reviewers by storm. With the game-changing Face Covered detection and thoughtful additions, people can't stop talking about Cubo Ai! Take yours home today